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Here is what some of our clients are saying....


"...I'm now about to launch my new venture! My investment in finding a solid V.C. Partner using Angel Vision Investors was a lifesaver! The experience has helped me to get my new venture launched with confidence. I'm forever grateful! Angel Vision Investors has been totally invaluable. Thanks for all you're help!"

— Tim Marshall

"Angel Vision Investors helped us sell out all our tokens during our pre ICO phase. Absolutely Remarkable, we would have never thought in our wildest dreams something like this would happen. If you're doing any kind of ICO then definitely use them and watch as investors come running. This certainly was the right move to quickly advance our project!"

— Brian Wilson

"Without the help of AngelVision our launch would have taken a lot longer to get off the ground and find outside funding. The services had us funded fast and changed the outlook for the future of our business."

Mary Greene


"Angel Vision Investors has been a great resource for our startup. They located strategic partners who invested in our early stages which helped tremendously. I highly recommend them, we couldn't be happier!"

— Shane Williams

"After joining I found some angel-investors interested in my project. As a result I was able to get the funds I required to expand and grow my company. I followed your direction and getting funded was as simple and easy as you said. With the new funds I'll be able to expand my operation and hire a few new staff. Hope we can work together again in future."

Harpreet Dolliwal


"This is an amazing service! It's helping me in a big way as I'm saving myself a great deal of time in seeking out venture partners. So far it's drumed up some serious interest. Great work my friends!"

Raymond Seemore


"Was able to secure seed capital within my first week of membership. Which saved me from having to quit and go back to working a day job. This way I can work from home doing what I love and continuing to build my small business which is taking shape, especially now that I have the resources to make it happen. Thank you guys so much!"

Eric Applebaum

"Sequoia Capital is interested in my company; plus there's a few other significant investors wanting to get onboard. By the looks of things I'm confident that finalized a formal agreement in the next few months. It's been a tremendously rewarding experience working with you guys. I'll surely have to pass you onto other startups I know of."

Joseph Filla

"Our company is moving ahead very rapidly thanks to your help and support. We're attracting so many V.C. partners using your services. It's been very rewarding and enjoyable to work with you. I wish you all the best success in future."

Sahra Collins


"Thanks for your great value... you've really opened up doors for me and my new product. You're system works very well and has allowed me to reach out to many investors that I had no clue were even out there. I have all the funds I need to carry my project through. Great job!"

Tyrone Davis

"We've had solid interest from The Band of Angels in Silicon Valley. My company might not be here today if it wasn't for the services at Angel Vision. I'm grateful for all your help and support in helping me locate seed capital for my biotech."

Jill Fitzpatrick


"Perfect timing. You're proposal distribution has helped me to reach the next level. We're now negotiating with some very big players who want to work with us and invest in our brand. We're talking some rather large figures being tossed our way which I wasn't expecting at all. I'm very pleased to have found your website. Thank You"

Paul Jensen 

"Your members area helps people take that important step if they have been putting it off. Besides the amazing content you have, I also had to post here to compliment you on your ability to send out my proposal to prospective investors. The response has been very quick, and we are back on track to building a multi-million dollar business."

Sheylinn JOHNSON   


"I joined because like most startups online, I'm always looking for new investors and vc's that can help me grow, so of course I jumped on the chance to use your services and information. As soon as you had finished sending out my proposal to your database there was a huge wave of interest. Investors were inundating me with all kinds of emails and phone calls wanting to discuss my opportunity. So things are really going places thanks to your service. They say that for a product to really be successful you need to give the customer 10x the value that they paid. Well, there's no denying that this over delivers on all accounts."

Nancy Lancaster 


"It is very thorough and good service and company. Angel-Vision tells you where and how to find the investors you need. There services are spectacular and really have allowed me to meet a whole range of new investors. Angel Vision Investorss shows you step by step how to get funded in the real world and how to get your startup business going forward. This is a great company for startups to work with.""


"Angel Vision Investors was EXTREMELY BENEFICIAL in getting our company in contact with the right investors. I have had numerous follow-ups and personal meetings with Angels, VC firms, Intellectual Property firms. Things are moving forward thanks to your site."

Markus Allen

"Thanks Angel Vision! The investment I received was instrumental in enabling my new startup to really gain momentum and begin to dominate my market sector. We were able to bring on experienced team members who played a critical role in growing our brand. I'm so glad we chose you!"

— Rasheed Ahmad

"As CEO I met a private equity firm through using angel vision investors. We ended up partnering with the company a few months ago. We incorporated their supply chain solutions into our licensed model for enabling real time data transactions for clients, content provider, and financial institutions. I see an IPO in our future! Keep up the good work in making companies grow."

Will Freeman

"Soon after joining I was able to get one investor to meet. The investor in question was an angel investor leading a powerful group. Soon after I later had a meeting with the entire group, after several follow ups by phone and information exchanges, they decided to proceed. I now have ample funds to keep my business pressing foward. They've shared the names of 3 other possible investors, who I'm continuing to pursue. Your website absolutely proved the value of your offer and I'm confident that others will find it much worthwhile the life of a membership."

Shawn Smith

"This has been a good experience and well worth the small amount to join. I'm seeing a lot of interest from all kinds of angel investors. At this time it's just deciding who I'd feel most comfortable moving forward with. I've acheived much progress thanks to your website and service. I will recommend you to others for sure."

Kelly Frangione




"You're site was a goldmine of information. Not to mention your service to send out our business plan was remarkable. It save me countless hours of work! I was put in touch with Greylock Partners who now are talking to us. A solid deal is actually being formulated; this is going to be great! I would have never dreamed this would be possible. We're on the brink of going global, it's hard to believe this is all happening now!"


"As you can clearly see our service offers a powerful advantage to attract Angel and VC investors. Click here to join now!"

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