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Bitcoin Setup

SUMMARY: Now you've probably heard about bitcoin but perhaps you've just never set up a Bitcoin wallet or tried using bitcoin. You can get setup in just minutes with your own bitcoin wallet for free. Bitcoin is a safe fast easy to use global currency.

You've been curious about Bitcoin I'm sure. So this is the perfect opportunity to set up your Bitcoin account on Coinbase and then use it to purchase your Angel Vision Investors Membership.

Open an account on Coinbase FREE (click the link)

Plus after you get set up, you can start using bitcoin for a variety of day to day transactions, and use it at any number of bitcoin ATM's around the globle. Then you can impress all your friends when you show them that you've got your own bitcoin wallet, and are now so ultra sophisticated right!


Step 1: Click Buy Now. Set up an account on Coinbase.
Step 2: The login and click on the "Buy/Sell" tab at the top
Step 3: Next add your payment method. ie: Credit Card, or other.
Step 4: Click the "Buy/Sell" tab. Then enter the Amount of 297 USD, or 397 USD, or 497 USD. Then click buy bitcoin to complete the purchase. (now the bitcoin is in your account)
Step 5:

Next click on Accounts. Under "BTC Wallet" click send. Under "Recipient" enter this code:


For Amount Enter: 297 USD, or 397 USD, or 497 USD. Then click "Continue". Confirm payment and click "Send". (this transfers your payment to us).

Step 6: After you've completed your credit card order, please then click here to send us confirmation of your payment.

Instruction Video:
This is how to use Coinbase
click here

Send payment for your order using your bitcoin wallet

(if you want to scan)
Basic Membership: Send exactly  $297 USD in BTC
Advanced Membership: Send exactly  $397 USD in BTC
VIP Membership: Send exactly  $497 USD in BTC

To this address: (copy and paste this code below)


After sending payment to the above address click "Confirm Payment" below.

Click "Send Funds". That will send your payment to us for your MLMRC Membership.

Then after you've sent the funds to us, click here: Confirm Payment and complete that short form.

Then you're done! Then just wait for the confirmation email we will send to you with your login instructions.

Using Paper Cash Money
at Your Local Bitcoin ATM:

SUMMARY: If you want to pay with cash, it's easy. Just follow the steps below. You'll go to your local bitcoin ATM and simply make a deposit and you're done. Follow these simple steps by pay with cash.

STEP 1: Using your smart phone take a screen shot, or photo of this QR code image you see below:

STEP 2: Open google (or google maps). Search for: bitcoin ATM ... or .... bitcoin ATM + (name of your town, city) ie: bitcoin atm Miami FL. Typically this should bring up the location of your local bitcoin ATM machine. Usually they're located in places like shopping malls and coffee shops.

STEP 3: Go to the ATM with your smartphone and your bitcoin QR code above.

STEP 4: Follow the steps shown on the ATM screen. Each bitcoin ATM is different. Most are easy to use and very user friendly. Just be sure to bring your smart phone with you to the ATM.

  • The ATM will ask if you're "Buying" or "Selling" bitcoin. Select "Buying".

  • Then the ATM will ask you to scan the QR code. Open the QR code. Then simply hold your phone up to the ATM scanner.

  • After the ATM reads the QR code, it will ask you to input your cash. Input: 297 USD, or 397 USD, or 497 USD. (if you're not in the USA and you have to round it up or down slightly to avoid using coins that's fine. ie: Basic Membership: $295 or $300 is ok)

  • After you feed your cash into the ATM machine it will provide you with a confirmation.

  • Sometimes it's a paper confirmation, sometimes it's just a confirmation on the screen. If it's just on the screen please take a photo of it. (Don't lose your confirmation).

STEP 5: Once you've completed using the ATM, and made payment, then click "Confirm Payment" below.


(Advanced Users: Alternative option is you can always just fund your own BTC wallet at the ATM, then just log into your wallet and choose "send" and send the funds to our address above. Again this is just for advanced users that understand this. The above steps are the simple approach.)

Videos / Other:

(sending funds to us from your Coinbase Wallet. Explaination
on the "send" feature starts at 3:39)

(Adding cash from your: Bank account, Visa, Paypal or other to your Coinbase Wallet. Explaination starts at 1:53)

(general tutorial on how the Coinbase wallet works)

More info on how to buy bitcoin:

Bitcoin Introduction:

Coinbase Digital Wallet Introduction:

Alternative to fund a wallet

Coinbase Wallet:



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